Indraloka Animal Sanctuary Earth Camp

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Earth Camp, a unique 5-day summer camp where kids ages 5-14 will enjoy a full day of  outdoor adventures, chicken cuddles, pig snuggles, sheep hugs, art, crafts, legos, puzzles, games, and so much more creative, playful, nature-based compassion filled fun!

Camps will run for 3 Weeks- June 14- 18, July 12- 16, and August 2-6, 2021! Each week will feature a theme with age appropriate variations on activities in addition to those listed above. A healthy, kid-friendly plant based lunch will be provided.  Designed for (but not limited to:) Kids aged 5-14

Includes: STEAM-related activities, animal care lessons, compassion and kindness education, time with rescued farm animals, creative arts, outdoor activities, and meals

Sign up for one, or sign up for all three sessions! 


Superheroes are Hopeful Heroes Week:  June 14-18, 2021 9:00am - 3:00 daily

Hopeful Heroes are Superheroes Week will include activities centered around our core principles of kindness, compassion, and animal connections; and the ways we become superheroes when we are kind and care for ourselves, the planet, and the beings all around us.

A Week of Rainbows:  July 12- 16, 2021 9:00 am-3:00 daily

A Week of Rainbows will include rainbow art projects, activities and games in the creative arts focused on animals and plant life of each color of the rainbow, and provided snacks will also include fruits, vegetables, and popsicles from each color family so that campers may “taste the rainbow!”

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Week:  August 2-6, 2021 9:00am-3:00 daily

"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Week will include projects made from scrap materials and upcycled items from home.  Cool down with lessons on the water cycle, learn about compost, and compete in nature hike scavenger hunts. 


$300 Per Child Per Session, Scholarships may be available in limited quantity, please call the sanctuary at (570) 763-2908 for more information. 

Price includes: 

Meals: Meals and snacks are provided for participants and will be different each day.  Food allergies must be reported at the time of registration.  For allergy and safety reasons, no outside food items are to be brought on site to the sanctuary. 

Supplies for: Crafts, games, activities 

Staff: At least one certified teacher will be with campers at all times, and an experienced group of trained education personnel will also be on premises with the group.


Space is limited, book today by calling the sanctuary at (570) 763-2908 to get registered or for more information.

Business Review


“As an 11 year public school teacher in Philadelphia, I witnessed true transformation of students aged 7-13 at Indraloka’s Earth Camp. I saw a student with hyperactivity sit for 2 hours completely focused on painting the resident peacock. After learning the sanctuary’s definition of compassion, a student carried a chair for another with a leg cast so they could sit during parts of the nature hike. Several souls brightened when chickens and cats sat together on their laps to enjoy cuddle time.  Storyboards and journaling activities rendered concepts of kindness toward all, mindfulness and a true love for their time with the animals. The depth and breadth of social emotional and communicative growth I witnessed was astounding.”

"My daughter has never had friends.  She struggles to find happiness and to speak with me openly.  During camp, she glowed and talked non stop the entire way to and from Indraloka about new friends, animals, and events each day.  Thank you."

“The kids looked forward to coming back every day.  This was an incredible experience.  The animals were kind and gentle, and the instructors were, too.”

“Camp just ended yesterday and both of my kids already asked if they could go again!”