Jennifer Ronczka, Scout & Cellar - Clean-Crafted™ Wine- Independent Consultant

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Jennifer Ronczka, local Executive Manager and Independent Consultant for Scout & Cellar - Clean-Crafted™ Wine

Welcome to Scout and Cellar!  My small growing business is open 24/7 with complete access to our full online wine library with ever changing and evolving products that will satisfy everyone’s palate.  We partner with Clean-Crafted™ Wineries all over the globe to bring you pure grape to glass goodness!   Our Company has been growing tremendously over the last three years and we are taking over the wine industry one bottle at a time. Visit my website or contact me directly at any time to learn about our products, wine club, corporate gifting, business and consultant opportunities and more!  Our products have no added sugar or chemicals which allows you to taste the difference without the negative side effects.  Who’s ready to toast?