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TeaTime4Tots mission is to offer accessible, fun, and hands-on baby and toddler groups, featuring developmental and sensory curriculum in your local area. Our sessions are for your little ones and you or their caregivers to explore new developmental activities together and inspire one-on-one engagement. 

Join our community of caregivers to socialize while engaging your babies and toddlers in developmental activities!

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"I loved the TeaTime4Tots sessions! I learned so much during each session. We were able to “be together” without being together and it helped keep my kids busy. I really enjoyed finding new songs to sing with my littles and motions to keep them active. Two of the great ones were getting tips to get kids to eat at dinner and how to easily get to bed. As a mom who needs to work out, my favorite was meeting a mom who taught us about postpartum workouts. The other super awesome one was learning how to handle my son who has “big emotions.” I received so many tips and each session has an expert. From swimming safety to nature walks, these sessions are filled with amazing information. If you have littles, these sessions are totally worth your time!"