9 year old entrepreneur starts bird rescue and WE LOVE IT!

Meet Evlyn of Evlyns Hand Tamed Budgies and More

By Amber Nevin, Macaroni Kid Wilkes-Barre Publisher January 28, 2021

When Macaroni Kid Wilkes- Barre heard about Evlyn, the 9 year old little girl from NEPA who runs her very own foster home for rescued birds, they reached out to Evlyn and her mother Linda for more details! Here you can read more about Evyln, her birds, and her mission! 


Even before Evlyn could talk she has shown a passion and fascination with birds. She got her very first parakeet when she only 6 years old. She tells the story of the parakeet being all alone at the pet store, in a glass cage and her wanting to "rescue" it from being lonely. She watched videos about how to take care of her new parakeet and learned everything there was to know about the birds. Evlyn's mother described the two of them as having an instant bond. Evyln had respect for her pet and was never afraid of the parakeet. She taught the parakeet to talk and trained him to stay on her finger or on her shoulder at the age of 6! 

When Evlyn asked her mother for a second bird,  she was told "there's places that have birds who need homes, just as there are for other animals like cats and dogs." This is when Evyln asked her mother if she could have her own rescue for these birds without homes. 

Training and Experience: 

Evyln was fortunate enough to have a family friend who runs My House of Wings Parrot Rescue and Adoption that agreed to take her "under their wing" and teach her more about birds and how to care for them. Evlyn became a volunteer in training here where she has worked with many different kinds of birds. 

"The bird whisper" became Evyln's nickname because of her in-depth knowledge and ability to care, train, and bond with these birds. People in the community would surrender their birds to her if they were in need of re-homing. Currently, Evlyn has 33 birds including Finches, Canaries, Parakeets, Conures, Cockatiels, Amazon Parrots,  Cockatoos, and soon she will be working with Macaws (her absolute dream bird). She cares for, bonds, and trains her birds. When they are adopted into new homes they are healthy, happy, and tamed to be held and handled by their new owners. 

Adoption Details:

Evlyn will be showing off her fosters and rescues at many local events over the next few months including February 28th at The Makers Craft Market where she will be sharing information on her birds and providing details for adoption. If you are interested in adopting a bird from Evyln you can reach out to her family directly through her website:

Evlyn spends her days and nights in between her school work to dedicating time into caring for all of her birds. She feeds, waters, and cleans all of their cages twice a day. She also hand tames, trains and socializes her birds to get them ready to go to new forever homes. She also studies about their different needs and requirements by watching videos, reading books, asking questions to her trainer, and local vets.

Support her mission:

Evlyns Hand Tamed Budgies and More are collecting donations of all types of seeds and snacks for any type of birds. Toys, perches, cages, and other equipment are also always welcomed. She tries to have these supplies on hand at all times so she can help provide them for her new adoptive families to have what they need to take them home. Newspaper is something she could always use to for the cages! If you have any supplies you would like to donate you can contact them directly:

Thank you Evlyn for sharing your story, hard work, and dedication to your passion! We hope you will be able to find them forever homes! 

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