8 Things To Do Before Going Back To School

By Toni Garcia, Macaroni Kid Publisher & Editor August 20, 2021
Over the summer some household tasks start to slip while you're out having fun, but school is coming FAST and it really helps to situate some things first to make it easier to get used to a new routine.

I made a list (I really love making lists) titled: EIGHT THINGS TO DO BEFORE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL... now I just have to do it. Are you in? Get your home organized now while you still have time!

1. COMMAND CENTER: I want to create a Family Command Center with a large dry erase board calendar, three wall hanging file holders, a little basket to hold pens and paper, some magnets and maybe a giant picture of our family. You know... bring it all together in one area of the house. Add some coat hooks and voilà! The best part is you can customize this area so it's exactly what your family needs.

2. LAUNDRY SYSTEM: We have this strange cabinet in our hallway that almost seems like it used to be a laundry chute ... but there's no hole to the basement. I think I'll go ahead and fix that problem too. That alone will save me from moving PILES of laundry to the basement. In the laundry area, add baskets, shelves, hanging rods or whatever else you need to stay organized.

3. CLOTHING INVENTORY: I NEED to go through my kids' clothes and really get a set list together for back to school. August is the best month to buy stuff because of all of the sales, so if I can really sit and plan it right, match the discounts, etc. then I can stretch the clothing budget much further. If I would just take to time to figure out what we really need to buy, rather than just going to the store and picking out some stuff.

4. DOCUMENTS: I've been working on a binder with all of our important documents. ie: immunization records, etc. to keep them all in once place so I can find them when I need them.

5. MEAL PLANNING: Figure out which meals are the hardest for your family to do right. Maybe freezer/slow cooker meals for dinner, or packaging lunches for the week all at once, or filling your freezer with snacks. During the school year breakfast is the hardest part of the morning for us. We struggle ... daily. No one can seem to eat a bowl of cereal in under 40 minutes -- Monday through Friday only. I'm going to start planning and baking ... if I can freeze oatmeal breakfast bars and things like that, maybe I can actually sit and eat with my kids rather than rushing to get everything else ready.

6. MORNINGS (ugh): A few weeks before school starts, I plan to start waking everyone up at the set time for school ... get them used to it now ... it will be SO worth it come the first day of school.

7. CAR MAINTENANCE: The new school year kicks off a hectic time of library trips, sport practices, music lessons, etc. ... and that means more and more miles on your car with less and less time to have it serviced. So do that now ... just one less thing off of your mind, and 'To-Do' list.

8. SCHEDULE "ME" TIME: You've had a long, hard summer. Schedule a day to do something for just YOU. Do it now before school starts because once that bell rings, you're out of time!

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