5 Ways to Press Play on Outdoor Fun!

By Lauren Hodne - Marketing Manager, Camp Orchard Hill March 25, 2019

The long winter is ending here in North Eastern PA and as the temperature creeps upward, I want my kids OUTSIDE!  It’s time to turn off the screens of winter and press PLAY on outdoor fun!  But if your family is like mine, your digital natives are grumbling a bit, like groggy bear cubs waking up from hibernation and you need some new strategies to get them out the door.  At Camp Orchard Hill, we spend the majority of our year developing programs that will do just that. Here are our best suggestions to help you meet your family goal.

1. Start them off with snacks!

Sharing a meal outside is a great way to soak up the sunshine and fresh air.  Your picnic blanket can be a non-threatening introduction to the world of outdoor fun.  As you’re breathing in the fresh air, you're breathing out anxiety and checking out the possibilities!

2. Invite a friend for an outdoor adventure!

If you’ve been dreaming of an afternoon catching frogs…pick a day and a destination and then provide buckets, nets, and friends to share the experience.  The power of friendship will take the pressure off of you to provide all of the fun.  Screen time will be replaced with face time with very little effort!

3. Embrace the rain! 


Too often we let the spring rainstorms dictate our outdoor fun.  The next time it rains, (without thunder and lightning of course), let it serve as an ultimate PLAY challenge to jump in puddles and catch raindrops.  No rain in the forecast?  Create your own downpour with water balloons, buckets, sponges and water shooters.  Your kids will remember the amazing day they ambushed you with their soaking wet arsenal!

4. Take advantage of your child’s imagination!

Kids are masters at creating dream worlds and wild adventure scenarios.  Harness that natural tendency and translate digital fun into backyard fun!  This spring season, level up their OUTDOOR battle pack with sticks that become pickaxes, towels that become skins, and a row of hedges to provide bush cover.  Go LIVE with new challenges and then send them out to mine for redstone or search for loot boxes.  Speak their language and see what backyard adventures they dream into existence!

5. Engage your family in an outdoor project!  

Working together toward a common goal might be just the motivation your family needs to get out and get moving.  Dig a fire-pit to enjoy campfires all summer long!  Plant a simple garden of fresh vegetables that will inspire your kids to eat healthy produce!  Volunteer your time at a local pet shelter or recycling plant.  Or choose a geocache destination and hike your way to a fun reward!  The result of your family project will be tangible, and you’ll be sneaking in exercise and sunshine while you work!

Don’t forget to seek professional help!  Getting your kids outdoors this summer is a delightful goal - but it can get lost in the shuffle of work and home commitments.   At Camp Orchard Hill, we would be honored to partner with you to create a summer filled with outdoor adventure and creativity!  Your campers will spend their Best Week Ever exploring the forest, battling on the GAGA ring, and overcoming the challenges of the ropes course.  They’ll come home from camp exhausted, engaged and full of adventure!

Bring your whole family for an afternoon of outdoor fun at our spring Open House on Sunday, May 5th, from 1 pm to 4 pm.   Explore Day Camp for ages 4-15 and Overnight Camp for ages 8-17.  Find more information on our website at

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