Choosing Your Perfect Day Camp: A Formula That Works

May 14, 2018

Some sunny day in June, the school doors will open wide and kids will come streaming out, ready for summer fun.  For parents, especially working parents, that image can provoke anxiety and a childcare headache.  But for many families, local Day Camps can provide the helpful balance that is needed between childcare, and the fun, memorable summer that kids imagine.

So, how can busy parents sift through the available options and make a confident Day Camp selection?  Here is a formula that will assure you a great match!

  1. MEASURE CONVENIENCE  Ultimately, your family is driven by need, and your childcare choice should serve your family’s schedule and demands.  Day Camps offer a wide variety of services and scheduling options.  Consider each camp calendar and hours of operation.   Take note of opportunities to extend the camp day to match your work schedule.  Ask if there are transportation or carpool opportunities that would simplify your commute.  Ask if meals will be provided or if you will need to pack a lunch.  These logistical concerns will have the most significant impact on your day to day experience and they should be your first consideration in choosing a Day Camp.  
  2. WEIGH THE FINANCES The bottom line budget will be an obvious factor for every family.  And while it may be easy to identify the sticker price of each Day Camp, it might take a little extra effort to uncover the best possible scenario for your family.  Calculate discounts that apply to your situation, including the number of days or weeks you will utilize Day Camp, as well as the number of children you will be registering.  Look for a pricing structure that allows you to pay only for services that you use.  Begin your search as soon as possible so that you’re ready to take advantage of early-bird incentives.   And don’t forget to ask for an invoice at tax time to claim your registration as a childcare expense.   
  3. COMPARE THE VALUE  Once you dig down to find your best price scenario, compare that to the value of your purchase.  You may be willing to prioritize certain conveniences and services to ensure your family’s level of satisfaction.  Ultimately you want your child to be safe, engaged and well cared for.  Take the time to ask questions about safety procedures, the quality of programming and the level of staff training.  Ask if the camp has received accreditation through the American Camping Association, which is an assurance of quality and accountability standards.  If possible, schedule a time to meet the staff, experience a day of camp and gauge the atmosphere before you begin the long summer!  

Sifting through your Day Camp options may feel like a cumbersome process.  However, when you find your perfect match, a Day Camp program that will truly partner with your family, your focus can shift from the logistics of work and childcare to enjoying the carefree experience of summer vacation. 


Check out a great local option - Camp Orchard Hill in Dallas, PA!  Voted NEPA’s Favorite Day Camp for six years running, Day Camp Orchard Hill runs from June 17th -August 23rd for ages 4-15. Investigate all of the details online at or contact them in the office at (570) 333-4098!

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